Professional access

The sale of Organic breads has become essential in order to respond to consumer demand:

  • Need for food safety (product traceability)
  • Consumers seeking taste and pleasure : quality products for a healthy diet
  • Worries about the environment

The market for organic products is expanding very rapidly and bread is still one of the most important products within it.

As well as the organic aspect, our breads supply the unique taste of traditional leaven and this truly sets them apart from other breads.

Biofournil breads are available :

  • Fully baked : mainly for local and regional stores and shortly in the Paris area
  • Part-baked chilled : this production process, which is patent-protected, guarantees a shelflife of 21 days. The breads must be stored chilled and are baked off very quickly in 12 to 20 minutes, giving an excellent quality product. (A basic organic certification is required)
  • Gas-flushed : Mes Pains à Dorer can be stored for 5 months at room temperature and the consumer finishes off the baking at home for just a few minutes. (No certification is required at the point of sale)

Our brioches and sandwich breads give a guaranteed shelflife of 21 days.