A company committed to sustainable development

Published on 8 September 2015

Economy, Ecology and Social

For Biofournil, the desire to maintain development without compromising the future is a core value. Committed to sustainable development, we try every day to maintain an effective economic development, socially equitable and ecologically sustainable.

Traval on waste with ADEME
A two-year collaboration has been set up to find recovery processes, decrease waste and improve sorting.

Biofournil acted on machine settings to reduce the loss of flour and dough, and works with suppliers to reduce packaging. In an eco-design packaging logic, we have implemented the following measures:
– No over-packaging
– Reuse of egg trays
– Composting of waste pulp
– Setting up trays instead of American cases: annual saving of 60 tonnes of cardboard
– Removing the protective cardboard on pallets: annual savings of 1.69 tons of cardboard
– Reduction of weight of small plates: annual savings of 6 tons of cardboard
– Investment in a compactor of cardboard and plastic waste to reduce the company’s transition frequency collecting balls.