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logo_bio_abThe market for organic products never stops growing, so Biofournil works hard to satisfy our consumers’ needs and expectations.  This is especially true for breads and pastries.

Today’s consumers are on the lookout for:

  • Food safety (product traceability)
  • A combination of flavour and pleasure: high-quality products for a healthy diet
  • Manufacturing techniques which help protect the environment

Biofournil organic breads meet all of these needs and expectations.  They are available:

  • Frozen and pre-baked: The breads must be stored frozen. For optimum results, bake them for 12 to 20 minutes. (Requires “light” organic certification)
  • Pre-baked in a protective environment: Mes Pains à Dorer can be stored for 6 months at room temperature, and need to be baked for just a few minutes. (No certification necessary).
  • A range of products, specifically packaged to both be eaten on the go and be quick and easy to prepare, are also available.

Une gamme au conditionnement spécifique destinée à la Restauration Hors Domicile, adaptée aux nouveaux modes de consommation (Snacking), à la mise en oeuvre simple et rapide,  est également disponible.

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